The end of 2019 is getting close, so we thought it would be a good idea to look back at all sorts of interesting events that happened in the Białystok’s Ruby community during the current year and take a look into the future.

For the last couple of years, the public Ruby community in Białystok had fallen into hibernation. BRUG organizers teamed up with other local meetup organizers to work together on Programistok and it took most of their focus. Up until April of 2019, when we decided to relaunch the monthly meetings of Ruby developers. Waking up from the winter sleep is no easy task. We as 2N were not sure if any more Ruby developers were hibernating in Białystok apart from ourselves. What we knew though, is that the Białystok University of Technology has been conducting classes on “framework solutions”, where you can choose Ruby on Rails or Django to implement your project. Teaching new generations of RoR developers has been our specialty for many years now, so naturally, we got in contact with the person in charge (kind regards to dr. Tomasz Łukaszuk!) and approached the students to share our knowledge of Ruby and Rails.


The first event after the winter break was created mainly with students in mind, but the panel “Basics of TDD” by Adam Piotrowski was something that electrifies programmers all around the world up until the very end of their careers. Testing - the subject that is notoriously omitted during the academic journey, even more so in all sorts of courses designed to bring people into the IT world. The testament to how important and controversial this subject is was how engaged were discussions that were raised even though all we did was talk about some basics of testing and TDD methodology. In the process, we found out about many Ruby developers from our region that we weren’t aware even existed. Additionally, even since this event, our sponsor Netguru has put a lot of faith in our community, alongside with the irreplaceable SoftwareHut that, being our partner, shared their well-supplied conference center. Both of the companies continue to support us to this day.


Krzysiek Krynicki - “Cypress - the new sexy way to write E2E tests”
Piotr Borowiec - “Rails validations - how to stop validating models”

Both of those panels reminded us of how beneficial it is to meet up with other developers. Krzysiek introduced us to the relatively new testing tool (again reminding us how important test coverage is) and Piotrek showed us another approach of separating the validation logic and models. The latter sparked some interesting discussions, which for me is the most important part of events like this.


Piotr Borowiec - “Controller decoupling”
Rafał Camlet - “Purrfect search-fu. How to grep like a cat ninja!”

Piotr’s presentation was the follow-up to the one from May, which is decoupling logic from the controller or models because the simple MVC approach is just not applicable for bigger projects without applying some additional design patterns. Most of us already know that, but is the community agreeing on how exactly one should proceed with that? I’m sure that everyone present at this meeting left with some new knowledge on this subject.

As for Rafał’s presentation - well, he blew our minds as per usual. His knowledge about regexp and all kinds of shell implementations of grep still amazes me, even though I’ve worked with him for 4 years already. The number of cat memes was on the usual level, just barely within the boundaries of good taste.


Discussion panel: Testing

Hubert Zub
Maciej Korsan
Łukasz Dziedziul
Adam Piotrowski

As we can see, the topic of testing made a comeback, this time in the more interesting form of a discussion panel featuring experts from other communities. Frontend professionals Hubert and Maciej and Java expert Łukasz have shared their experience with us and presented how each of them approaches this important matter. The panel itself, including Q&A, continued for well over 2 hours and was concluded only because everyone got hungry. We will certainly organize many similar events in the future.


Rafał Hryniewski - “DevSecOps - Security all the way”

Rafał started just the way we like it - with numbers. He has pointed out some examples of huge financial disasters due to the systems involved being written and tested well, but not secure enough. He then presented us with the ways to secure applications and described what is the DevOps and DevSecOps culture. I have to admit, that when focused on the quality of the code and the client’s satisfaction from having their requests fulfilled on time it is very easy to omit the security ingredient of it all and Rafał’s presentation has surely reminded us of this problem.

December, being the holiday month, will not see the next edition of BRUG, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll slow down in any way. Quite the contrary, in 2020 we plan not only to continue working closely with the Białystok University of Technology (as this is the first year when students can choose courses in Ruby/Rails) but also have begun collaboration with other RUGs to be able to invite experts from outside Białystok or even from abroad. As 2N, we will appear on the panels about Trailblazer’s Cells and Operations on conferences in Rzeszów (7.01) and Łódź (16.01) to which we want to invite you all.

Expect that and a lot more in 2020!