At first - make it clear: I am one of the organizers of this conference, so this article will be as much subjective as possible.

What I want to achieve by writing this article?

  • Tell attendees what they did, that made me feel so proud of being part of it, and why me and my friends can't stop doing anything else than think about how to make next edition even better .
  • Share a cebuliada-app code and encourage people to make some code-reviews and PRs with improvements of this application that was written with using 'make it work, don't care about tests, and pray it won't fail during release because we have no time' strategy.

Why it was awesome to be an organizer?

All attendees that I meet and spoke with, what you did and I am thankful for:

  • Gave us only constructive feedback - there was no "that conference is great" sentences. If there was some positive feedback it was like "that conference is great because " , and if there was some negative feedback (basically there was none, but year before I heard some) that was always also with giving specific reasons. So thanks to that we knew what we should improve this year. And that works. Thanks to you!
  • You all were open-minded and have a great sense of humor. We knew we can make this conference full of specific jokes, because no-one will make drama. We all gathered there to have fun, and when we knew that - then we were able to really have fun together.
    (btw. If I crossed some line during running before and/or after party - let me know! And I will explain you that joke again ;] )
  • You guessed game-music-questions really well - thanks! I was really afraid that only I was such a nerd ;p
  • We didn't have any CoC but you showed us - we don't need to, because our attendees are grown people that can act properly.

Cebuliada-app from before-party

Most of you were there (on before-party in HackLag) and had fun during cebuliada game, that was idea of our marketing-geniuses ( cheers @mati & @korsan ).

One of 2N IT employees got a task to implement something like familiada with using some tool that he wants to improve his skills at. He knew that on programistok there will be talk about reactJS, so that was quite natural choice to try to implement it with reactJS.

Long story short: after few days, 20 minutes before programistok before-party it started to work. So we didn't have too much time to test it. Or refactor.

But it worked (cheers @epicatization !).

There was fun - ok. But that is not a code that we would use in production mode.

But we can use it to continue programistok idea - learn & have fun. So my idea is: give us feedback about this code. What could be done better? What would you do differently and why ? Make some PR against that code - let us discuss all ideas.

So thanks for all attendees & my co-organizers, see you next year, and one more thing:

It's not work if you enjoy it.